The Process

Five easy steps to getting an original short on the IMDB.

1. Prep and Consultation

Team up, find a scene partner to split costs with. Forward headshots and any links to material you might already have done to steve@taylordfilms.com for review.  Within 24 hours we will contact you for an free phone consultation to discuss the project.  

2. Scripting

In the next day or so you will receive a 3 to 5 page scene, after notes and any necessary clarifications you should meet with your scene partner to work the scene.

Shoot Day

Based on the scripts needs we will come up with a location. After a few on set rehearsals, and setting up lights and camera we shoot. Over the course of 4 or 5 hours we’ll get full coverage of talent and inserts.


Over the next few days the short will be cut, the sound edited, color correction and background music added.

Film Festival

In order to get on the IMDb, the short will need to be entered into a film festival. Within a couple weeks your credit will show up on the IMDb.


Once accepted by the IMDb, the film can be published on Youtube, Vimeo and the actors website. Each actor will also receive a DVD and Data copy.